Thursday, October 1, 2015

Angel Tree Happenings

I told myself I wasn't going to do Angel Tree this Christmas season, I told myself I should just focus on our adoption, I told my self that I should just let everyone else shout for the kids and take a break this year...Well that little "talk down" that I had with myself didn't work. Ha!

I've done Angel Tree every year for the past 5 years, taking a break this year felt out of place, but I convinced myself that it would be best. That was, until, I saw that about a week into AT sign ups there were still tons of kids without warriors, it made me sad to see that many of them didn't have people to fight for them.  Years past, it has always been a race to sign up for your chosen child, everyone always waited anxiously to get that email telling them they got "their" child...this year their hasn't been as much hipe or excitement about Angel Tree.

That being said, I Skyped with Kaitlyn last night (she's one of my all time favorite people, and happens to be my best friend, and advocating buddy), and we were discussing how we both said we weren't going to do AT, but we're now considering it.  Looking through all of the kids, and thinking about how many of them wont make it on to Angel Tree if they don't get warriors, we both picked a kid or two and said hypothetically that we would choose one of them if  we decided to do Angel Tree.  Well there's a little face, that's continually popped into my head throughout the day, and after praying about it, I signed up to shout for this sweet one.  I am still waiting on my "official" email, but I'm pretty positive that this little one will be my Angel Tree child.

I am so excited, to be back into advocating.  It's been a while since I've shouted for a waiting child, ever since we committed to adopting Nikolai (Charlie on RR, who was my AT child last year), I haven't really advocated much, and I miss it.  My passion, my heart. pretty much my entire life revolves around fighting for these kids and I haven't been the advocate that I should've been this year.  So, I'm jumping back in, with both feet, full speed ahead to shout for my darling, squishy, lovely, AT child, and I cannot wait to introduce this little one to all of you!

With love,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tough Days Are Tough

I've found myself recently repeating the words "You matter! You're allowed to have bad days! Give yourself a break!".  Some days are just bad days and I've had a lot of them recently.  Getting stuck in this mood or this mindset that no matter what I do the day will still be a bad day...which simply isn't true. 

Beginning of last year, I was going through some tough things and I needed something to give me little glimmers of hope to keep me going, so I created a 'Don't Give Up Now' jar. I filled it with all of my favorite uplifting quotes and a few Bible verses too.  I would start my days off with prayer and a quote from this jar, focusing on whatever the quote was, reminding myself that today is what I make it...good or bad I had the control and got to choose the outcome.  Some days were harder than others and I would pull multiple quotes out of my jar throughout the day.  

It's been over a year, recently I've had some struggles and road blocks pop up in my life and I found myself forgetting about my 'Don't Give Up Now' jar so I needed a new plan.  I sifted through my notebook of quotes (Yes, I have a notebook full of my favorite quotes.) wrote some down on index cards, and decided to hang them up.  I figured that if I could wake up in the morning and see these quotes hanging in my room, constantly reminding me that I matter and I have control over the outcome of my days, that I would have a more positive far it's helped! 

I wanted to share my method of fighting the bad days, in hopes that it may help someone else battle those no good days! :) 

Things You'll Need: 

Sharpies, markers, or pens (or all three!) 

Index cards, scrapbook paper (I like this option because the patterns add a fun twist!), or just regular paper. 

A jar. (for your 'Don't Give Up Now' jar)

Or string, thumb tacks, and mini clothes pins. (All of these can be found at your local craft store, I got mine at Hobby Lobby.) 

How To: 

I started by finding uplifting, positive quotes and writing them on the backs of the index cards (Pinterest is a great way to find quotes), switching up the colors I was using, also switching between cursive and printing. After I finished writing on them I snapped a few photos for this blog post *grins*, cut off the excess paper, and hung them up.  If you're creating a 'Don't Give Up Now' jar you can cut off the excess paper, then fold the pieces up, and put them in your jar! This way it's a surprise every time you pull a quote out of the jar! :) 

Not only do you know have an adorable little accessory for your bedroom, but I do honestly hope that this helps some of you battle those no good days. Always, remember that you are important. You are wanted. You matter. It's just a bad day, not a bad life!  

Love you all, 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Heart Attack Fund-raiser

A momma friend of mine used this fund-raiser when they adopted their sweet daughter.  The outcome was beautiful (you'll see why in a moment), and they were able to raise money to bring their little girl home.  They asked friends, and family to donate $1 towards their adoption and in turn wrote the name of the family, or person who donated, on a heart and stuck it to a wall in their house.  This may sound silly, but once you see the photos you'll be amazed. (Thank you, Mrs.Wimmer for letting me use your pictures.)

Absolutely stunning, right?  Every single name on those hearts is someone who cared about their little girl, and wanted to see her come home.  The total number of hearts on their walls at the end of this Heart Attack? 3,251 hearts.  Over three thousand people that loved their little girl right along side of them.

We want to have a Heart Attack For Charlie.  For $2 you can have your name written on a heart, and it will be placed on our living room wall, for all of our visitors to see.  We want to see how many people are willing to love Charlie right along side of us.  Will you donate a $2 (or more if you'd like.) in honor of Charlie?  We will post progress pictures as our wall fills with hearts.

You can make your donation to the donation button on the side of the blog, or you can follow this link here:

(If you're local, you can always just drop the donation by the house. :) )

I'm excited to see our wall fill with love. :)
We're coming baby Roo!!