Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Pleven Project

So, I've given myself the task of raising as much money as I can for The Pleven Project. For those of you that don't know Pleven is an orphanage in Bulgaria that houses 92 children. The living conditions are outrageous, and many of the children are extremely malnourished. Keith U. came out of Pleven at 5 years old weighing 10 pounds. He spent most of his time in an isolation room for no valid reason, he was also tied to his crib which left marks on his wrists. Keith is just one of the many children that have been forever damaged by that wretched place.

Recently a group of wonderful ladies devised a plan and jumped into action to better the lives in the Pleven Orphanage. They have provided funds to hire Leyla's (Grandmothers, or Nanies) that are each assigned a child, and get to spend one-on-one time with the kids. Which is absolutely wonderful, and they have already seen and heard that the kids have benefited from this tremendously! The next project that the Pleven Project team is wanting to fund is a Day Home this will benefit Pleven Orphanage, and Pleven's Community. This day home will serve as a Day Care for families who would like to continue to care for, and parent their children with special needs, and it will serve as a benefit to Pleven allowing the kids to have access to more Therapies such as Music, Art, Physical, ect.

The Pleven Project team really wants to empower families, and equip them to care for their children with special needs in their own homes, so that they don't have to give their children up. This will be so beneficial in many ways, to multiple families, and children. There's a little bump in building this Day Home, and that is that it is going to cost $100,000 to buy the materials, and build it. As I said above, this Day Home will be extremely beneficial, and is really needed at Pleven. 

Alone, we can't raise that $100,000 and that is just a fact, but with the help of generous hearts we can raise that $100,000. This money could be raised in a week if Pleven's need went viral, and hearts were moved, or it could take months or even a year, but that all depends on whether you are willing to share the need, and possibly donate too. So, if you are even just willing to share the need, and pray God's blessing over it, that would be amazing in it's self. But if you can donate $5, $10, $30, to this project, and help better the lives of families in Pleven, Bulgaria that would be a blessing too. 

Like I said, this all depends on generous hearts, who are willing to help in any way. If you decide to donate, in the notes section please specify that you would like your donation to go to the Day Home so that the team knows to set it aside. I'm extremely grateful for every single person who will pray over this project, and the children in Pleven, for those who will share in hopes to gain more awareness, and those who choose to donate and make this possible.  I will have a Youcaring set up soon so that we can track our progress, and others can donate if they feel inclined (Thank you Shelley!!), and right now I have set up a T-shirt fundraiser that will benefit The Pleven Project.  For $21 you can purchase a t-shirt that states "I will not let their story end like this." with an outline of Bulgaria in the background:

This is a small way that you can help change the fate of these children, and it will help reduce the amount needed to build that day home.  This is intimidating I'm not gonna lie, especially with it being Angel Tree season and needing $1000 for Charlie, I'm taking on a lot. This money could be raised in a week or a month, or it could take 6 months or a year, it all depends on the number of hearts that are moved into action,  but God sees the desires of my heart, and I know He will provide the $100,000 in one way or another...God's got my back, and my faith is in Him.

Will you consider buying a shirt in honor of the 92 orphans in Pleven?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Angel Tree x2

Today I received a Facebook message from my friend Dakota, asking if I would like to join her in raising $1000 for Aria this Christmas season.  I'm so thankful that she noticed my overflowing love for Sunshine Girl, and wants to help find her mama, and papa! Though Sunshine girl isn't on Angel Tree, we'll act like she is and try our very best to get her grant to $1000 before December 31st.

So, I will be fundraising for my sweet Charlie Roo, and Sunshine girl, and Dakota for her Angel Tree child, and Aria too, which is so exciting!  We are working on some fundraising ideas, but at the moment we have two t-shirt fundraisers up! :)

My t-shirt fundraiser is located here (Only $18 for a shirt, and this will benefit Charlie, and Aria):
Buy a shirt, join the cause. <3 I need to sell a minimum of 10 t-shirts in order to make any money from this.  I will split the proceeds evenly between Charlie ( and Aria (!  

Use this link to purchase the shirt below:

Dakota's t-shirt fundraiser is located here (Only $17 for a shirt!):

I can do 
all things
Him who
gives me

Again, I am so, so, so, thankful for everyone who has shown immense love for my Sunshine Girl!  I am so ready to see her family find her, and I really hope that happens soon!  Let's fundraise for Charlie Roo, and Sunshine girl this Christmast season! :) 

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Love That's Shared

I may or may not be crying as I'm typing, but I honestly can't help it. has been shown to my kiddos these past few days!  Both of their funds have grown by generous amounts, and that bring such joy to my heart.  I love, love, love, these two so much and when I see others sharing their pictures, profiles, and donating it's a happy sight.  I know these two are so close to having families, I can just feel it and I'm so ready to help FIGHT to get both of them HOME.

Roo, Sunshine Girl?

  You two have completely stolen my heart, I'm head-over-heels captivated by both of you.  You deserve so much, and I promise to get both of you everything you deserve, I'll give up anything to see you in the arms of a family, being loved, cherished, and chosen.