Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Extended Grace

I don't know why I am so discouraged and worried, but the date of my DTS has been "pushed back" to start in September instead of June. The staff in Wylie has prayed and feels that a Fall DTS will be better for everyone, I'm so grateful that they're making decisions that they feel will be the absolute best.

Though at first I felt like it was just another road block, I'm beginning to think that it's an answer to a prayer. My last night in Mexico I was having trouble sleeping. Tossing and turning all night, laying awake in the very early hours of the morning, stressing about my job situation...or lack thereof. In the midst of my worrying, I stopped myself and chose to pray. I prayed for peace and a solution for my job situation. (For those of you who didn't know, I am no longer a nanny. The family found a better fit for their life dynamic.)

 Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, I received a message from Kayla letting me know that there would no longer be a DTS in June, but instead in September. At first, my heart was in my stomach and I was discouraged, but God slowly reminded me of my prayer the night before and it felt like He was extending me grace. I now had five months to work and save/raise more money for school, instead of three. While it originally felt like a set back, now it feels more like a blessing.

 One of my initial worries was that I would lose support because yet again, something was changing. But Kayla reminded me to trust in God's plan, and my dad reminded me of Proverbs 16:9 || The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. || If it is God's will for me to attend this DTS, no set backs, no hurdles, no date change will prevent His plans from becoming whole and complete. 

What a journey this has been and will be.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crazy Good

Leader. Prepared.

Two words that I would never in a million years use to describe myself or my life.  I am the most unprepared, shy, reserved, follower, that you'll ever meet.  Until recently I would have never done anything that required me to step outside of my comfort zone and be the "center of attention".  I never speak my mind, I rarely stand up for myself, I don't typically join in group conversation, I keep to myself and have never been interested in being a leader, nor do I think I would be a good leader.

I knew God brought me home from Texas because my heart wasn't in a position of surrender, I wasn't willing to let Him work in and through me because I am a naturally stubborn person and I wasn't about to give that up.  So when I'm told that God says he has prepared me and that He has plans for me to be a leader, I'm in absolute disbelief.

This past Wednesday I went to lift group again for the first time in weeks, the topic was Identity and finding ourselves in Christ.  It spoke to me as that is something that has been on my heart lately, I've always been one to struggle with identity and worth, continually "finding" it in the wrong places.  God has placed a sense of overwhelming worth and purpose in my heart these past few weeks and I almost can't grasp it.  It came time for prayer requests and the room filled with voices and requests, we prayed and as the prayers quieted Caitlin's dad spoke and asked to cover Caitlin and I in prayers.  He explained Caitlin's outreach in Cambodia, and how I would soon be leaving in June.

The first thought in my head when he made the request to pray over us, was one of undeserving.  I thought I don't deserve prayers, I came home, I didn't stay, this second shot doesn't deserve this. But as he came to an end with his explanation, Melody asked if they could lay hands on me, and if she could anoint me with oil. Of course, I accepted and sat at their feet.  I've never been anointed with oil before, but they explained the significance and began to pray for me. My head, hands, and feet were anointed with oil, and God spoke through these leaders directly to my heart.  God wants to use me in grand ways, and he assured Melody that I was prepared.  Which is humorous to me because I feel like the most unprepared person, especially when it comes to my DTS.  I'm stressed and worried about so many of the details, but God laughs and says "No, honey.  You're prepared."  God says He wants to build me into a leader, but I have trouble speaking out and being bold.  I would say I'm excited, but in all honestly I'm a little nervous of what He is going to bring me to and through to get me to the place I need to be.

I don't have the slightest clue how any of this is going to play out, but what I do know is that I love seeing God work in my life.  He has been continually faithful, I trust that His plans for me are plenty and grand.

Because God is crazy good.

With Love,

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gentle Truths

Finding my identity in Christ has been the biggest milestone that I have reached. For years I've struggled with the opinions of others and who they said that I am. I let their words stick to my life like labels, I tried my hardest to live in ways that I thought were pleasing to other people. It was exhausting, and some days I still struggle with this. Feeling like I'm not enough, or that I don't have purpose, or worth because I'm 20 and single, I haven't gone to traditional college, I live with my parents, I work part time as a nanny, to the average eye I don't have anything of significance to give me worth.

But over the last 3 1/2 months I've come to learn that who I am as a person is enough.  Which sounds like a cliche quote that you'd see on Pinterest, and it is. Though I've taken time lately to think deep on those words, while they may be cliche there is much truth attached to them. I am enough, because Christ says that I am enough. As a young person I often feel like I need to do or be something that gives me a place in this world or makes me standout in a crowd of confused 20-somethings.

God has opened my heart to the truths He continually speaks, that I am enough, just as I am.  Without a relationship, without a big shot job, without a 4 year degree, without my own house, I am enough. As I am. I do not need to add or subtract anything to give my life meaning, purpose, and worth.  Even with my struggles, shortcomings, and sometimes bad decisions, I am still enough.  God relentlessly pours these words into my soul, and every morning I believe them a little bit more.  Regardless of life's circumstances we are enough just as we are.

God picks up our broken pieces and mends them together, gently whispering to our hearts that in Him, though we may fall short, we are always enough.  This life has a way of wearing us out, and essentially kicking us when we're down.  It's easy to give in and believe that we'll never be enough or that we don't have anything to offer, but those are lies.  Since learning to hear God's voice, I hear Him almost every day.  Not in an audible voice, but in song lyrics, texts, and little thoughts that are full of truth, He reminds me daily that I will always be enough.

"Jesus came to announce to us that an identity based on success, popularity and power is a false identity-an illusion! Loudly and clearly he says: 'You are not what the world makes you; but you are children of God." - Henri J.M. Nouwen

With love,

Monday, January 2, 2017

Lean In - Let Go

Photo Cred: Kaysie Lynne Photography

God has been so faithful.  I am a worrier, and often I get so consumed in it that I talk myself out of many opportunities. Something that I had worried about greatly was the money for school.  I remember the better part of the year before I left for Texas, I was consumed by worry. "What if the money doesn't come?" "What if I can't go to my DTS?" "What if God doesn't provide?"  No matter what anyone told me, I worried.  All day. All night. I lost sleep, I was sick to my stomach, I second guessed whether I should go to the DTS. I was consumed and I didn't wholeheartedly believe that God could and would provide.

An overwhelming peace has swept over me these past few weeks, I no longer worry about the money and it's an odd feeling for me.  While in the past, I liked to think I trusted God with every worry and doubt, I now see that I didn't.  I didn't really trust Him with anything.  I let my fears and doubts consume me to the point of paralyzation, I had truly convinced myself that there wasn't a point in fundraising because the money wasn't going to come anyways.  I lacked faith and trust in God and how powerful He is.

I've been learning that God doesn't need  me to do anything, He is perfectly capable of accomplishing anything and everything without my help or input. Since learning what it means to live out my faith and place my trust in God, peace has been a very present part of my life.  I have no worries or doubts about the funds, He has already shown Himself faithful in providing money thus far. He has continued to reiterate that He is only asking me to be willing and He will do the rest.

He is big and mighty, He needs no help accomplishing amazing things. This I am slowly realizing.  Trust Him. Lean in. Let go. Pray. Have faith.  He knows. He hears. He sees.  He's got this, and that should be more than enough for me.  As I mention in almost every post, He is moving in my life and I am still amazed with it all.  God is so good.

With love,

Thursday, December 29, 2016


I don't know that I've ever felt more at peace about a decision, than I do when continually say yes to returning to Wylie.

I was thinking about it the other morning, when I came home from Texas I was dead set on not returning, and never pursuing another DTS.  I convinced myself that it just wasn't for me and chose to focus on and pursue things like the Mexico ministry.  I remember right after I came home I committed to participating in 2 separate Mexico trips down to Casa (the orphanage we work with), I also remember a few weeks later being in tears because neither of them worked out.  I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do and it was eating at me.  There was also a point when I was absolutely sure that I was going to pursue nursing school.  I set out to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse, but literally walked into the community college, looked at the consultants office and walked right back out of the building.

I couldn't do it.  I couldn't pursue a college degree that didn't send my heart up in flames of passion, it just didn't feel right. I adore Mexico (with every inch of my tiny little heart), but God put road blocks in my way so that I couldn't pursue that either.  At the time I had absolutely no idea what He was doing, I was unhappy and angry with Him.  It didn't make sense to me why He would let me pursue and work towards something for almost a year, only to pry it from my hands as it was finally given to me.

Over the last several weeks I've come to see more and more that living a life of surrender means living life with our hands open and in a position of praise. God gives, but He also takes.  He knows what is good and what is better.  He knows when it's enough, and when we need more.  He knows when we're ready and when we still need time. See that was the thing...I needed time, my heart needed time, my mind needed time.  I wasn't ready for YWAM Wylie, God knew it was good...but He also knew that it would be better if He took it away and made me wait.  He gave me time, He gave me Himself and that was enough.  I learned and am still learning to live with open hands in a position of surrender.  He has continued to quiet my fears and clear my head of doubts, He has shown me that He has been eagerly pursuing me and that He wants me.  He has given me peace and spoken to my heart with a love song that has me swooning, He has romanced my broken heart back into relationship with Him and it is beautiful.

I am at peace with my decision to return to Wylie, because I know that God has so gently turned my gaze to Him so that I might choose the path that He has set out for my life.  I'm glad that He broke my heart and brought me home because otherwise I may have never seen Him.

With love,

Saturday, December 17, 2016


I arrived at YWAM Wylie we each had a "Welcome Basket" at the foot of our beds. In it were sweet little gifts, highlighters, notebooks, candy, and a hand written note from the staff. The note was filled with words of wisdom and encouragement that God had spoken to the staff about each student. My card spoke of the story of Deborah. The staff believed that God wanted to AWAKEN me as God had awakened Deborah. The first night in Wylie, I opened my Bible and read the story of Deborah. I was confused because I didn't see how it related to my life.

 The next day when I left Wylie, I took that note with me. I wanted to keep it because I thought that it was nice of the staff to pray over me and speak those words into my life, but I was so sure that God wouldn't AWAKEN me now that I was leaving Wylie. I figured that since I was no longer at my DTS that God wouldn't do the work He had set out to do.

Two weeks after I got home from Texas I found the note and again I opened my Bible and read the story of Deborah, not once but 4 times.  I still didn't see how it applied to me and I didn't believe that God would AWAKEN me. I put it in the front of my Bible where I keep sentimental things, and forgot about it.

Fast forward to the beginning of last week, I found it...again.  I sat down I opened my Bible and I read the story of Deborah again.  This time it made a little bit more sense, as I had recommitted to returning to Wylie, and had heard God speak to me multiple times.  I was learning to be a vessel and I was learning to be a "Yes!" girl like Deborah, as she went obediently with Barak to defeat an army. I started to see how I could relate to this story, but I still didn't see how God would AWAKEN me.

Last Wednesday I attended Connect group and shared my testimony (You can read about that here: Don't You See, I Love You), afterwards I got to sit with two lovely ladies and they spoke to my heart.  At one point a story was shared, and I cannot for the life of me remember exactly what it was, but I know that after hearing that story God said "Don't you see? I AM AWAKENING YOU."  I thought back to the note, I thought back to Deborah, and I realized...God doesn't need circumstances to work. He has no limits or boundaries, He is infinite and all powerful. He awakened my heart and He knew all along that I wouldn't be in Texas when He did.

I continue to come to realizations of His power and His glory, I am continually amazed.  God has become so much bigger these past 12 weeks and my heart can hardly contain the work He is doing. I always knew God was capable of grand things, never did I think that He would choose to preform such things in my life.  But now I see that when we are willing to be obedient vessels He will use us in ways that we never could've imagined.

Guys, God has AWAKENED my heart and I am EXCITED.

With love,

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Don't You See, I Love You

I feel like I need to be continuously writing about the things God is doing in my life, I'm in absolute awe of what He is revealing.

Last night (12/7/2016) I was late to my connect group (Bible study through my church).  I haven't gone to Connect Group in months, but had been promising my second family that I would come this week.  I walked in late and while I missed most of the study I heard God almost immediately after sitting down.

We were going over the story of Mary and how God spoke through Gabriel saying that she would give birth to a baby boy and would name him Jesus. We talked about Mary hearing God and being obedient even though what He was asking her to do was 1) Impossible in her mind and 2) One of the toughest things to commit to, but she said "Behold, I am the servant of The Lord; let it be to me according to your word." Obedience. She chose obedience in a difficult situation. Which leads us to where I so clearly heard God speak to my heart.

Mr.Waterbury, who leads the study, posed the question "Have any of you ever heard from God or been given signs or confirmation that He was speaking to you?"  As he posed that question I so clearly heard "Be bold." over and over again.  I knew that God was asking me to step out of my shy withdrawn personality and be bold in sharing the work He is doing in my life.  I struggled for a moment, but reminded myself "This is where you surrender to Him." and when it came time Mrs.Waterbury (This family has so graciously accepted me as their adopted daughter.) turned and looked at me and with a smirk said "What about you? Has God spoken to you?" fully knowing what I had gone through these past 11 weeks, and so I began to share my testimony.

It was honestly the greatest privilege to me to be able to share that God is in fact working, actively working, in my life.  I've grown up in a strong Christian home, I've had an easy life and when I was 6 I got to choose to accept Christ as my savior because it's what I was raised in.  I've never had a testimony to share, I've never felt like I had anything worth while to say and honestly, up until recently...I have never clearly heard God speak to me.  I'm in awe of everything that He's doing and I just want to share it with everyone.  I can't even describe what He is doing in my heart but oh man, is it beautiful.

I shared my testimony and felt absolutely wonderful. I sat after group with Mrs.Waterbury and another wonderful woman, Melody, and they just listened to me share my heart and ministered to me.  They made me feel so loved and it was such a blessing to see other people excited for the things that God is doing in my life.

These 11 weeks I have gained an entirely new trust in God and I'm beginning to see Him in a brand new light.  He is bigger than I ever imagined and everyday I get to experience new sides of Him because He wrecked my heart, absolutely destroyed it, and said "Don't you see, I love you and I want you. I have so much to show you. Please, Love, just let me in. Let me work." He's actively pursing me and I'm actively learning to how lean into Him and let Him work.

I still can't get over the fact that He is actively pursuing my heart even when I push away and want nothing to do with Him.

He is relentless, and He is swooning my heart back into a deeper relationship with Him.

With love,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Outside Of My Box

I'm excited and I've grown.

I'm learning. I'm being stretched.

My joy has returned. I no longer feel stuck.

I have direction. I have a goal.

I have committed to return to Wylie, TX in June 2017 and I am thrilled.

But also terrified. Which is okay.  A few weeks ago I actually had a friend ask me two questions that she felt were not her own but from The Lord:

"Are you afraid that He is going to take you somewhere and bring you back home again?"


"Do you trust Him?"

When she asked me this I actually hesitated.  The answer out of my mouth was "yes" but for a second I wrestled with my heart "Do I really trust Him? Wholeheartedly?".

Over the past 11 weeks since I returned from Texas so many heart struggles have been brought to light.  From God consistently pursuing my heart with the same question "Who do you say that I am? What do you believe I am capable of? Why do you put me in a box?  I am a limitless God I have such big plans for you. Let me work. Move out of your own way. You're missing out." to my best friend ministering to my heart all the way from Paris, France.  I feel like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, I think my heart has grown three sizes.  He has revealed that I do keep Him in a box, there are sides of Him that I've almost refused to experience and grow in because they aren't familiar to me.  I like to stick with what I know, and what's comfortable.  But I'm learning more and more that comfortable isn't exactly the way that God wants our lives to be orchestrated.

I would love it if God's first concern for me was to be comfortable, but we know that He has greater things in mind.  While typing this the story of Daniel and The Lions Den comes to mind.  Daniel chose to obey and follow God even when it wasn't convenient and most certainly not comfortable.  Can you imagine the faith and trust Daniel had to have to be in that den with beasts that could devour him in swift pounce? Having faith and trust in God doesn't promise that we wont be put in tough situations, it just promises that in those situations God will be there too.  Comfortable equals stunted growth.

I only wish that I could be as brave as Daniel.  When it comes to big decisions, such as choosing to return to Wylie, I am more relate able to the disciples during the storm on the sea (Matthew 8:23-27).  Winds were raging and waves were crashing against the the boat, they were being tossed in every direction and they woke Jesus saying "Lord save us! we're perishing".  They were terrified and by there words when they woke Him it shows that they doubted what He is capable of.  You'd think being on a boat with Jesus you'd feel nearly indestructible...cause ya know...He rose from the dead. But they doubt and I can see where we could ask if they truly trusted Him.  Jesus got up and said "Oh ye of little faith." and rebuked the winds. The storm ceased. Everything was calm.  Because He is in control. Big decisions cause me to have major anxiety and I overthink to the point of being paralyzed choosing to do nothing. Even now, 6 months away from the start of school in Wylie, I lay in bed at night panicked and overwhelmed with the thought of it all.  Yes, doubt is natural, it's human, it's the response I think most people would have. But I'm forced to stop, to breathe, and to remind myself that God who made the lions docile, who calmed the seas, who raised His son from the dead, is in control of my destiny and there is not a single thing that I can do that would remove His will from taking place in my life.

People have asked "Why would you go back if He called you home?"

Because, I feel that He called me home because He knew I wasn't ready to grow.  He knew I would fight it, He knew I would cling to my stubbornness, He knew that my life was stagnant and that He needed to wreck my heart before I would finally listen.  I was heartbroken when I came home, I was stuck, I was sad, I mourned the loss of my dream to go to Wylie's Fall DTS, I didn't understand.  I doubted God and He literally shouted at me.  In Wylie there's a wall that says "Who Do You Say I Am?" I thought it was cool, I come home and there's a brick wall on a route that I drive regularly colored with bright chalk that says "But who do you say that I am?", then a friend messaged me with a photo that said "But who do you say that I am?", at this point I began to realize that God was asking me a serious question and I honestly didn't have an answer.  Who do I say that He is?  Do I believe He's capable of miracles and accomplishing impossible things? I began to mull over this question and these verses, and I really didn't know what to do with them.

Fast forward a few weeks, still not knowing what to do with these verses and questions, I put in a prayer request at my home church.  I asked them to pray for direction for my life and that I would know where God wanted to me focus my time.  I got a card in the mail from them and on the front of the card was the verse Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart." I thought nothing of it until more verses about trust began to pop up regularly, and then when my friend posed those questions I mentioned earlier about trusting The Lord, I knew yet again, The Lord was asking me a question and He wanted a truthful answer.  So I truly believed in my heart that I trusted Him and that was my answer - Yes, Lord. I trust you. - He was quick to put my answer to the test and began convicting my heart, He continually led my focus to the upcoming Wylie DTS and laid yet another question on my heart -

"Will you go? Not with strings attached, not with one foot in the water, not with a shakey doubtful faith.  Will you go and surrender everything to me, your doubts, your fears, your anxiety, everything, and trust that I am God and I am powerful and I am in control? "

I've reluctantly said yes, and am working on surrendering everything to Him.  This is hard for me.  So hard and this post is very raw.  I hate being vulnerable and I didn't want to openly proclaim that I've chosen to trust God wholeheartedly and pursue Wylie's June DTS, because if I didn't tell anyone and no one knew, then when the fears, anxiety, and doubt became to much I could choose to not go and I wouldn't have to feel guilty for not pursing the road He has called me too. I could remain stagnant in my faith and choose to be comfortable and no one would know. But I'm choosing to be vulnerable because I need support and encouragement. I need accountability.  I need a village to walk with me and encourage me when I feel like giving up and staying comfortable.  I need to be pushed and stretched and reminded that He is so much bigger than my little box and He wants great magnificent things for me.  I need to be reminded that He is in control and that He loves me relentlessly.

If you've taken the time to read this entire post, I hope that I've been able to convey my heart in a way that makes sense.  I hope that everyone will be willing to show me an outpouring of love and grace as I tackle the hard things that God is asking me to pursue.  This isn't easy and while I'm excited I am also scared and overwhelmed.

I love you all.  You're the worlds biggest blessings and to have a group of Christ followers that is willing to rally around me and push me to grow in my relationship with The Lord is irreplaceable.

With love,

Monday, September 26, 2016


It's been a long while since I've written anything.  I'm never sure what to write about as my life is not that exciting, but recently there's been a whirlwind of events that have broken my heart in more ways than one.  I really don't even know where to begin, but I guess anywhere is better than nowhere.

I made it to Texas.  I showed up to my campus, unpacked, met my fellow classmates (whom I fell in love with), went to the welcome dinner, slept, did the first full day of orientation classes, packed up my bags and came home.  Yes, I left that second night.  I made it through one day and I knew in my heart that, for whatever reason, that wasn't where God needed me. I'm still devastated. I don't understand one ounce of God's logic behind this and everything in me wanted to ignore His promptings and stay in Texas.  I didn't want to come home and everyday I wish I was in Wylie learning and preparing my heart for the outreach that is coming.

While I've received so many beautiful messages and words of support I know that many people wonder how I could make the decision to come home when I had only been there two days.  I cannot explain it, but when you know God is giving you direction it's best you listen.  Growing up my parents always reminded us of the story of Jonah.  Jonah was going to Ninevah, whether it be by land or in the belly of the whale...He was going to go where God called Him to go and obedience makes it easier. Sitting in Texas, in the humid morning heat, reading my Bible through tears, with this nagging in my heart, I knew I wasn't where God wanted me.  I faught it. That day I tried to ignore it, I tried to reason with myself, but I knew when I called my mom and told her how I was feeling that Texas wasn't in God's current plans for my life.  I knew, and I absolutely dreaded that I knew.

I'm at a loss, because I feel lost. I feel directionless, I feel like my life has come to a screeching halt and I've ended up back home in a town that I'm less than fond of.  I've been home a week and every morning, every afternoon, every night, I have questioned what God is doing because it can't possibly be beneficial for me. I cannot even fathom why He would send me somewhere, just to bring me home. It breaks my heart, honestly.  I've been hopefully anticipating this DTS for a year, the money for the first half came in over-abundance and I actually set foot on the campus I'd only dreamed of, why would He bring me home?

I have no answers. Some have suggested that maybe He needs to grow me in an area before He can send me out, others have said there has to be something here that I need to accomplish and that's why He brought me back.  I really don't know.

This isn't the update I was wishing to write.  I was hoping to write exciting new updates from my dorm bunk bed, while surrounded by new friendships that were waiting to bloom, giving you guys my excited and hopeful thoughts while relentlessly fighting off the anxiety I'd be feeling from being in a new place. But alas, I'm in Arizona, surrounded by familiarity and family, being taken off leave at work and placed back on the schedule, feeling heartbroken and lost.  I'm sorry, that this isn't as joyful as you'd all hoped. I want to be real with you all because you've supported me over the years on my many endeavors and have offered nothing but wisdom and encouragement. But I will gladly covet your prayers and words of encouragement over these next few months as I have no direction for what is next.

And as I have had to learn many other times in my life - if He takes, still I will praise.

With love,

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Faith, Trust, and Texas.

I'm learning trust on an entirely new level.  It's always easy to just give little bits to Christ and keep the parts you think you can control, attempting to bring yourself some peace...which always ends in chaos.  I almost decided to not attend my Discipleship Training School.  I was devastated, but was convinced that with my health issues, that I would never be able to do it.  I've been doubting my abilities a lot recently, letting my health issues limit what I think I'm capable of.  I've been keeping little bits of things to myself instead of surrendering them to Christ.  This DTS being one of those things...I figured if I could make it easier on myself and just let go, then I wouldn't have to fully lean on Christ to not only provide healing, but also the finances to get me to Texas and back.

Kayla, one of the staff members at the Wylie Campus talked with me and I truly believe that Christ spoke through her.  She not only spoke (or I guess typed) words of healing, and encouragement, but she also spoke truth.  The reminder she gave is one that I needed: The enemy will use my weakness (my health/finances) to keep me from where God is asking me to go.  By making me feel as though my health issues are bigger than my God, or my lack of finances are bigger than my God, the enemy has me defeated...but in Christ, who is bigger than finances, health issues, and self doubt, I am set free and can do the impossible through Him who gives me strength.

I am excited for my DTS in September. EXCITED.  I'm practicing leaning on God in and through these obstacles, giving Him room to work and show is great glory.  I'm still weary and worried that the money may not come, but as Kayla also pointed out...the Wylie team prayed over my application and consulted Christ and truly feel that this DTS is where God wants to send me.  They didn't make this decision to accept me on a whim, they prayed together and followed the Holy Spirits guiding.

I have faith...weary, worried, shaken faith...that Christ will provide in big ways for this opportunity.

With love,

Monday, January 11, 2016

I Got Accepted!!!

Guess what?

I've been accepted into the 5 month long Children At Risk Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission!! I will get the opportunity to spend three months in Wylie, TX studying topics like: Having Jesus' Heart for The Poor and Needy, as well as having daily prayer times, and devotionals.  I'm so excited to have this opportunity to learn, grow, and build relationships with other believers.  I'm looking forward to God growing me, and pushing me outside my comfort zone to minister to others.

After the first three months, which is called the "Lecture Phase", my team and I will set out on the 2 month long "Outreach Phase" which will take place in another country.  I wont know which country until the first weeks of schooling, but I'm excited to pray along my other team mates and choose the country that God lays on our hearts! 3 Months away from my family, in another state, learning, growing, and being stretched in ways I never thought possible, 2 months with my team (by that time they'll be like family) in another country, new cultures, experiencing the things that break God's heart, seeing hard things, and being exhausted beyond belief, will be a very trying and life changing experience.

I'm looking forward to expanding my relationship with Christ, and my knowledge of the God that I serve.  He has a plan and purpose for everything, and I am excited to see what He has in store for me and what lessons He longs to teach me through this program.

I would like to invite you to pray for me and my future team, that God would prepare our hearts for all that we will be taught during this 5 month long program.  Pray that He would mold us into individuals that have a likeness to Him.  Pray for fiances, as this schooling program will total out to $8000, and though I am working to provide some of that money, I know that my part time job wont bring in the amount I need.  I know, that if this is where God wants me He will provide the money necessary to get me to this school.  But I am only human and still have worries and doubts, so prayer for peace and assurance would be gratefully accepted as well!

If you would like to support me financially you can do so through the Youcaring located on the right hand side of the blog named "Alyssa's YWAM DTS".  I am grateful for any and every amount that is given!  God can take any gift and multiply it, as long as we're ready to trust that He can do the impossible!

Cost Break Down:

Lecture Phase: $3450
This will cover my room, and board, meals, and DTS program related transportation during the school.  (I have a $350 housing deposit due August 19th that will be deducted from this number.)

Outreach Phase: $4000
This will cover airfare and any other fees that need to be paid while in another country.

Other Costs: $550 
This will cover things such as washing and drying close, and other expenses while in TX.

The first half of my fees are due upon arrival on September 18th, 2016.  The fees for my airfare are due over Thanksgiving, and the last portion of my fees are due on December 16th. While I have time to raise the last half of my fees, my goal is to have everything raised and ready to go before  my school starts. Only because I worry about everything under the sun and don't want to be panicked/worried during the schooling that I my not raise the last half of my fees and I also want to be able to focus fully on the tasks in front of me, instead of worrying about the financial side of things.  Make sense?

I am so excited to see what God has in store for me on this journey!  I really hope that you all will stick around to see the ways that God works through me to spread His love to others and transforms my heart to look a little more like His.  

With love,